Cover Charge

Most shows start at 5 PM. Cover charges are generally around $10 unless otherwise specified. All dates, prices & performers are subject to change.

Riding the DART Rail to the show?

Receive a 20% discount on any concession purchase with paid admission and your current DART Rail pass. Must have proper wristband to receive discount.

» View photos from the A Dozen Furies concert at the skatepark «


A 200-cap area located in the middle of the skatepark hosts events for many local and touring musicians of all genres, including but not limited to Hard Rock, Indie Rock/Ambient, Hardcore/Metal, Death Metal/Deathcore, Punk/Pop Punk, Alternative/Pop Rock, Ska/Punk, Rap/Hip Hop, & more...

National bands that have previously played Eisenbergs Skatepark include In Fear & Faith, Greeley EstatesEye AlaskaMemphis May Fire, The Wonder Years, A Bullet For Prettyboy, Confide, Gwen Stacy, Vanna, Oceana, Sent By Ravens, Harp & Lyre, Cody Bonnette (of As Cities Burn), Josh Scogin (of The Chariot), Upon A Burning Body, Kill Paradise, Knights of the Abyss, Fight Fair, Take it Back!, Such Gold, All Get Out, Venia, Advent, PM Today, Call to Preserve, A Dozen Furies, Jamie's Elsewhere, Destruction of a Rose, O'Brother, Armana Reign, Fit For A King, Hester Prynne, Bradley Hathaway, To Speak of Wolves, Armor For the Broken, We Are the Union, Tonight is Glory, My Son My Executioner, Surrounded By Monsters, Kid Liberty, Kills & Thrills, Honor Bright, I Am Abomination, Lions Lions, & many more...


To contact Eisenbergs Skatepark about booking, please e-mail, and fill out the following form...

Name of your band:
Specific Location:
Age of band member(s):
History with venues in North Dallas area: (please be as specific as possible and include your draw on shows when possible)


Eisenbergs is available to outside promoters, bands, booking companies, etc. for third-party rentals upon request. Rental hours are from 5-9pm (additional hours for extra, see below) and include soundguy, door person, wristbands, water for bands, additional time needed for load-in/out, etc.

  • Concert Rentals, Sun-Thurs; $500
  • Concert Rentals, Fri-Sat; $600
  • Additional hours after 9pm; $100/hr
  • If you are expecting very many people or a rough crowd, security can he hired for $10/hr (each)
  • If your event exceeds 100 people in attendance, Eisenbergs collects a $1/person surcharge for each additional person in attendance
  • Normal 5-9pm hours should not have more than 5-6 bands scheduled (w/ 25-30 minute sets)


Stage Dimensions: 18' wide, 12' deep, 21" tall
FOH: Allen & Heath 12-ch GL-2, Livewire 16x4 Snake, (4) Monitor Mixes, Mains ran in Mono through DBX Crossover, crown amps have built-in limiters & eq
Mains: (1) PV215 Dual 15" tower per side, (1) Yorkville 18" sub per side - powered by Crown Xti2000 (tops) and Xti4000 (subs) w/ limiters & eq
Monitors: (Mix 1) (1) PV112 powered by PV amp (300W), (Mix 2) (2) EV Eliminator 15M's powered by Crown Xls802D (800W), (Mix 3) (1) PV112 powered by PV amp (300W), (Mix 4) (1) Yamaha BR15M powered by Crown xls802D & (1) Yorkville 18" sub powered by QSC RMX850(700W total for drumstack) split through DBX Crossover
Mics: Behringer (Vocals), Shure (Guitars), Shure (Drums), Livewire (DI Boxes)
Lights: (4) Front Par64 cans w/ dimmer pack, (2) Side Par64 cans w/ dimmer pack
Power: We have (1) free 15-A circuit for outside lights, power must be shared with upstage guitar pedals in most instances